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Why I love web design.

For most of my life I've been interested in building things and designing how they will look and function. Though I wasn't much of an artist growing up I had a good astethic sense. I love beautiful things and I love functional things too. When I see a new technique or hear about a new technology I can't help but think "what could I do with that" Exploring possibility is a habit, one that's great for my work. Over the years I have developed my ability to make things that not only function smoothly and efficiently, but also delight and please the eye. I understand the critical balance between form and function. My goal is to incorporate those two elements into my work. I think you will find my websites efficient user friendly as well as crisp and beautiful.

How we work.

hari-kirtan Designs is a small studio with big talent. We work from our strengths to deliver the best. We maintain a flexibility that allows us to meet your needs better and makes integration with your team easier. You know you are getting personal service and 100% of our attention. You will never get a form letter from us because we make the time to talk directly with you. Our contracts are tailored to be easy to understand so it is clear what is expected from whom and when. What it comes down to is we are here to work with you to deliver a truly customized experience unique to your needs.

The time is now.

Even though there is an world of web developers and designers I feel that now is one of the most exciting times to be in this industry. We are quickly moving into an entirely new way of computing and the web is at the core. Every day new and fantastic technologies are created which are, at least partly if not exclusivly, web based. The constant change and fast pace required to keep up with todays standards make it fun and forever new. Because of my work and the people I get to work for I see the world in a new way every day and I love it.